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The frenzy of battle without the gratuitous violence

Intended for consoles, BLASTR is a ‘shooter’ built from the ground up to be enjoyed by anyone, whether it be your best friend’s baby nephew or your karaoke-crazed grandmother.

Screenshot 8

Enter the Arena, where robot gladiators battle for fame on the most explosive television show of the New Millennium.

Eclectic characters, electric vistas and glorious frenetic combat are just a few things you’ll find in the Arena—not to mention a mind-bending conspiracy that might just redefine your very existence.

A world built of robots, by robots, and for robots

Exchange favours with a door to open access to other areas,
threaten platforms in order to make your way above a deep chasm,
and plead with panels to provide cover against suspecting Sentries.

Screenshot 8

Physics-altering high-tech gadgetry

Use Blasts to outwit rival Contestants, and put your agility to the test against an environment where every moving part has a mind of its own.

Screenshot 8

Propel enemies into the distance,
or use the Magnet to draw obstacles into their path and out of your way.

Work in Progress

We're 2 students from Sydney and Melbourne, building this game in our spare time.
It's time to start showing this to the world, starting at PAX Australia in November.

Developer, Nikhil Suresh Writer, Dilan Fernando


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